Our Work

Partial Client List of Data Centers and Technical Installations

Exodus Communications, Oak Brook

Two separate interior build outs of data center and offices approximately 80,000 square foot including rooftop units, Liebert units, generators and humidification systems.

Level 3, Chicago

Several locations for “POP” sites; work generally included Liebert units and chilled water piping.

T-Mobile Switch Expansion, Chicago

Work included two new 30-ton Liebert units for existing switch site. Work was done in fully functioning data room, and included glycol piping, ductwork and drain pans under all piping.

Breakwater Trading, Chicago

Work included multiple Liebert units for after hours trading in large office area and data room cooling.

University of Chicago, Henry Hinds Geophysical Science Building

New 100 ton chiller installation with in-row CRAC units.

Loyola Strich School of Medicine, Maywood

Two new 100 ton chillers, heat exchangers and CRAC units.

Telex, Chicago

10,000 square foot, N+1 data center utilizing district chilled water plant.